Natron Color Suppression Alternative Matte Keying


Natron Compositor: Fake News – Series 2

Natron Users,

As some may know that I use Natron Digital VFX Compositor for most of my job’s including green screen vfx compositing and other things. I manage a media library at the University at Buffalo, NY. We have these studios called OBS( One Button Studios) that we had adopted from Penn State. They get heavily used. We have 2 thous far and planning on adding more.



The attached image is a screen shot of a series 2 project that I am a producer and post production editor called Fake News. This screen shot is for the first part of the topic called “Before You Die.” I can’t display everything because we are still working on it and also producing the reveal.

I just wanted to show that Natron has great potential and powerful as a digital vfx compositor.


Natron Compositor: Tracker node fixed

Natron Developer, Fred has fix the transform motion type for the tracker when more than tracker is being used and exported in the latest snapshot for your platform. That being said, I would still highly recommend choosing your marker features carefully. The fitting error would determine the quality of your track. Any solve over 0.5 – 1 will not be a good track.

This means that the marker choosing was noisy. See my attached tutorial link for Fitting Error in more details at


Natron CornerPin Tracker Tutorial

This is a Natron Digital Compositor corner-pin tracker tutorial.  It is shorter than an hour. I had slowly went through the workflow for the corner-pin tracking and I had a lot of side notes to be aware of in an intermediate/advance tutorial in the future. This tutorial was recorded at my desk in my office. I was trying to go as fast I can.
Please feel free to contact me on NatronNation (…) for further details about this video.

Natron: Alternative Matte Extraction tip

These image are from the Natron project that I was doing for my LinkedIn article to show Natron’s power for spill suppression to alpha channel conversion.