Reaper Audio: FFT EQ + Dynamics Processor

Reaper Audio: FFT EQ + Dynamics Processor

I am currently editing and doing voice overs for the Greater Cleveland Volunteers organization. The client wanted another person voice from her office to be been on another promotion that I am editing for them. Anyway, I had to take a route to reduce the noise that was generate from an old Beachtek ( audio adapter converter used to provide XLR inputs to a 1/8th inch male adapter.

This unit allows the videographer and filmmakers to capture more professional audio than using the camera body mics. This Beachtek op-amps were just hissing like a snake.

The proprietary plugin FFT EQ + Dynamics Processor is a good software to hand most jobs if you know what you doing.  It also allows you to draw curve to isolate and generate a noise print. You can analyze all types of noises and some them to use for future projects.

FFT EQ + Dynamics Processor

The attached images as screenshots of the plugin effects chain.


VO-Audio Clean Up Chain