Trash Day: A Winter Storm

My town’s city hall has just renegotiated a new trash pickup contract with our current waste management provider. They will be delivering new trash and recycling bins at the beginning of 2014.

I am making a short movie of my dislikes for taking out the garbage. I am also in a friendly fire with my wife due to her allergic reaction to help take out the garbage herself sometimes.
See some of my editing application screen shots of the film below. This film will have to take place over short 2-3 months period until the new waste management bins are delivered.

I need visual effcets artists who familiar with Blender 3D smoke & fluid simulation systems as well Blender’s node base path tracer “Cycles Renderer”. This movie takes place during a winter storm and I need vfx to cover areas when the snow melts away.

These photos below shows my Lightworks film editor, Blender Compositing & 3D modeling, and 3d particles simulation applications.
TrashDay- A Winter Storm
trash_day - lightworks11.5a

These photos below shows my discuss of the new trash bins decision.