Bloomberg’s Last Stand

This film is about Mayor Bloomberg’s of NYC soft drink policies and Wall Street clean up. It was written, produced and directed by Lauren Lindsey. I had edited this film using Final Cut Pro X and color graded it with some of my DaVinci Resolve LUT’s profiles. It was shot with a mini-dv camera. All post audio work was done in Magix’s Samplitude v12.

Samplitude Music & Post Audio


EvilLives-coming attraction 2015

A new world order has corrupted all faiths and religions around the world accepted one known as the True Faith. All earthly demonic forces are on the rise trying to destroy them but True Faith holds victory. True Faith powers are the belief of “The One”.

EvilLives: IdeaTest1 2015

Night Cap: crimes of passion

I am in the process of creating and start filming my short web series “Night Cap: Crimes of Passion” in 2014. I hope that the pilot will spark more interest in my vision of the film Noir crime drama. I will be using my blender3d for 3d matte painting, 2.5d camera projection, camera motion tracking and for VFX particles & smoke simulations, Gimp and Inkscape. I still haven’t decided if I will use Editshare Lightworks or Apple’s FCPX to edit the film. Stay tune for the soon coming attractions.

Below are screen captures are some of the softwares that I will be using for the film.

Night Cap - Crimes of Passion

Night Cap – Crimes of Passion

This is a video test clip of someone who was murdered and vital signs are dropping. Click to see full screen

NightCap: crimes of passion - IdeaTest1 2014

Digital Fusion Graphic Composite

Night Cap - Digital Fusion Graphic Composite

Night Cap – Digital Fusion Graphic Composite

Being Edited in FCPX Editor

NightCap - FCPX editor

NightCap – FCPX editor