Natron 2.2.8 Released

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Natron 2.2.8

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## Version 2.2.8

– OpenGL interact is now always affected by transforms even if there is motion blur.

### Plugins

– Radial, Rectangle and generators: when the Extent is set to Size, and Reformat is not checked, Bottom Left and Size can be animated.
– add Box filter to Transform, CornerPin, GodRays, and all Distortion nodes.
– ContactSheet, LayerContactSheet: Make a contact sheet from several inputs, frames or layers (beta)


Natron 2.2.7

Natron Digital VFX Compositor has been released. Now is a good time to download and get started on some projects.

Natron 2.2.5 Release.

Natron 2.2.5


@devernay devernay released this a day ago

Fix undo when manipulating 2D points in the viewer interact #1576

Fix manipulating the interact plugin on non-retiming inputs of retiming effects (e.g. the Retime Map in Slitscan) #1577

Fix exporting curves to ascii (eg ColorLookup), and values for xstart, xincr and xend can now be simple expressions.



DenoiseSharpen: the output is now the noisy source when Noise Analysis is not locked. It is easier to see where there is noise that way, and it also makes the plugin usable in Resolve (which calls render even if non-significant parameters are changed)

Generators now may set the output format when Extent=Size (as they do when Extent=Format or Extent=Project).

Rework many plugins so that they work better in DaVinci Resolve (all generators including Radial and Rectangle, CopyRectangle, DenoiseSharpen, LensDistortion, HSVTool, ImageStatistics, Position)

Card3D (beta): Transform and image as if it were projected on a 3D card.

Natron Digital Compositor version 2.2.4


## Version 2.2.4

– Write: remove Python page, add Info page

– ReadFFmpeg: fix “Image Info…” button (which calls ffprobe) when file path is relative to a project variable

– fix high-resolution application icons

### Plugins

– Readers and writers now only get the colorspace from the filename if it is before the extension and preceded by a delimiter

– BilateralGuided: bug fix

– Natron can now use plugins compiled with the DaVinci Resolve OpenFX SDK (which assumes that the host is Resolve), such as the Paul Dore plugins (see These plugins may require CUDA runtime library to run. It can be found in the Resolve installation. On macOS, execute cp "/Applications/DaVinci Resolve/DaVinci /Applications/

Natron RGBToYUV709 Node for preprocessing colorspaces

I am experimenting with Natron’s colorspace transform node to process an image or video at the root color channel level individually as oppose to all the channel combined together. This is my way of adding pop, depth or dimension to my shots. You can use this process with the Lab, YUV, YCrCb color spaces for green/blue screen projects as well.

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