Natron Digital Compositor: RotoPaint Coming Attraction

Natron now has a rotopaint node implemented. We can now clone, blur, smear, erase tools and etc.  Recently a mask input was added for generating more limiting effects. The images below are a screen capture of the RotoPaint node.  You can also preview a video at Natron RotoPaint Coming Attraction.





House Dwellers: Tree Barks

I went on a nature walk near a local library today to find some inspiration on some plant life shapes and textures.  I have found some leaves, stems and tree bark.  I will be modeling some plants and trees that will use these textures for materials for my House Dwellers short film.

Here are some of the textures:

First are some of the unmodified tree bark.            Second are some of the unmodified leaf. As the project progresses, I will add more content.


Home Dwellers: Blender to Natron Project

These following images are individual RenderLayers from Blender that were finally composited in Natron digital vfx compositor. What makes Blender and Natron so easy to use is coming up with a proof of concept just using simple geometry and objects. Blender’s EXR multilayer can render unlimited passes, color and channels. Natron is 100% EXR compatible. Natron can read all of it channels and process unbelievable high end visual effects.

The Room and Shadows

Back Tree
back tree


Front Tree
front tree

Blenders 3DSpace setup Model
Home Dwellers blender

The image below is a Natron screen capture with the node graph merging all layers together using a shuffle node to extract the OpenEXR multiplane image buffers. I had later used two color correction nodes to do some color balancing and overall color grade.


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