Editshare Lightworks and Natron Compositing Power

This post is for newbies who are wanting to get in to non-linear editing and digital compositing as a service provider.  I majorly use two NLE within the 3 past years and I’ve used a lot others based on client and mine needs.  I settled with Editshare lightworks (www.lwks.com) and Final Cut Pro X (apple.com).  I would like to talk about Lightworks and its plugin architecture. It has good color grading effects that can be routed as node based composting. These next two screenshots are of my short film that I am working on called “Trash Day: A Winter Storm”.   You would see how I am using Lightworks node based effects for the film on the bottom right.

TrashDay- A Winter Storm

In the image below I have created a link to Natron by using a feature called creating an “Assistant Application” in the plugin effects panel.  This feature would allow you to link to external programs that process your image/footage, render it out to a directory and read it back on Lightworks timeline.  In this photo I used the Natron chromakey node as an assistant app plugin.  Natron is not visible but running in the background.

I will eventually record a demo on how to set up this feature for Natron in Lightworks.  I see it as the ultimate companion to a NLE like Litghtworks.  As development continues with the Lightworks V12 for all 3 platforms like Mac, PC and Linux, it would be nice to see if Natron can load the timeline file into a node graph automatically like BorisFX without having to read it in manually. If knowledge is power, then the power of Natron is knowledge.

Stay Tune,

Omar aka blackearth2014