Natron 2.2.8 Released

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Natron 2.2.8

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## Version 2.2.8

– OpenGL interact is now always affected by transforms even if there is motion blur.

### Plugins

– Radial, Rectangle and generators: when the Extent is set to Size, and Reformat is not checked, Bottom Left and Size can be animated.
– add Box filter to Transform, CornerPin, GodRays, and all Distortion nodes.
– ContactSheet, LayerContactSheet: Make a contact sheet from several inputs, frames or layers (beta)



I am beginning to love the term finishing when it comes to film-making.  I had the opportunity to work with Avid DS and Media Composer with Avid Symphony extensions.  I really like those editing apps for my corporate video editing jobs.  The color grading power is really nice, but I can still cut faster on Editshare’s Lightworks editing app (