Natron 2.2.8 Released

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Natron 2.2.8

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## Version 2.2.8

– OpenGL interact is now always affected by transforms even if there is motion blur.

### Plugins

– Radial, Rectangle and generators: when the Extent is set to Size, and Reformat is not checked, Bottom Left and Size can be animated.
– add Box filter to Transform, CornerPin, GodRays, and all Distortion nodes.
– ContactSheet, LayerContactSheet: Make a contact sheet from several inputs, frames or layers (beta)


Night Cap: Crimes Of Passion – 3D Pipeline Integration

I am now testing some new images to further my experimentations with camera mapping and uvprojection modifier in blender. The first two images are what I am beta testing with and the other attached images are screen shots from blender for the camera calibrations, modeling, camera projections, each model’s matte & alpha channels and a test animation render.

I am getting closer to my final decision on what I need to do for my “Night Cap: Crimes of Passion.” My only bottle neck is that I need to find a way to collected survey data if the background photos that I take at the locations where I can’t bring a crew. This information will have to be place in Blender and then film my scenes with a real live camera. Now this camera mapping & uvproject workflow that I am displaying here is perfect for wanting to take a still image and animate it at if you actually had a video camera moving through the scene. Compositing live action with and matching then lens and focal lengths is another story. Before going in a taking pictures, I would have to do an animatic to see what focal length and orientation that will work best for the shot. One way I see is too film the locations and green screens with same HDDSLR, lens (including the barrel distortions), and the height if the camera lens. So in other words, survey data and meta data when be the hero’s for those coveted shots.

UVProjection and Camera Mapping

UVProjection and Camera Mapping2

UVProjection and Camera Mapping3

UVProjection and Camera Mapping4

You can see the animation here.

Night Cap: crimes of passion

I am in the process of creating and start filming my short web series “Night Cap: Crimes of Passion” in 2014. I hope that the pilot will spark more interest in my vision of the film Noir crime drama. I will be using my blender3d for 3d matte painting, 2.5d camera projection, camera motion tracking and for VFX particles & smoke simulations, Gimp and Inkscape. I still haven’t decided if I will use Editshare Lightworks or Apple’s FCPX to edit the film. Stay tune for the soon coming attractions.

Below are screen captures are some of the softwares that I will be using for the film.

Night Cap - Crimes of Passion

Night Cap – Crimes of Passion

This is a video test clip of someone who was murdered and vital signs are dropping. Click to see full screen

NightCap: crimes of passion - IdeaTest1 2014

Digital Fusion Graphic Composite

Night Cap - Digital Fusion Graphic Composite

Night Cap – Digital Fusion Graphic Composite

Being Edited in FCPX Editor

NightCap - FCPX editor

NightCap – FCPX editor