Natron 2.2.8 Released

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Natron 2.2.8

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## Version 2.2.8

– OpenGL interact is now always affected by transforms even if there is motion blur.

### Plugins

– Radial, Rectangle and generators: when the Extent is set to Size, and Reformat is not checked, Bottom Left and Size can be animated.
– add Box filter to Transform, CornerPin, GodRays, and all Distortion nodes.
– ContactSheet, LayerContactSheet: Make a contact sheet from several inputs, frames or layers (beta)


Natron RGBToYUV709 Node for preprocessing colorspaces

I am experimenting with Natron’s colorspace transform node to process an image or video at the root color channel level individually as oppose to all the channel combined together. This is my way of adding pop, depth or dimension to my shots. You can use this process with the Lab, YUV, YCrCb color spaces for green/blue screen projects as well.

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House Dwellers: Tree Barks

I went on a nature walk near a local library today to find some inspiration on some plant life shapes and textures.  I have found some leaves, stems and tree bark.  I will be modeling some plants and trees that will use these textures for materials for my House Dwellers short film.

Here are some of the textures:

First are some of the unmodified tree bark.            Second are some of the unmodified leaf. As the project progresses, I will add more content.


ButtleOFX: Open Source Compositing Software

If anyone on this network is interested in compositing VFX work, there is an open source compositor app being developed on the Linux platform and later for the PC. The API for MacOs development has not been planned yet. You can visit the site and see a demo for a Linux alpha release at This application she be a free high compositor once in beta release.


Synfig Studio Open Source Animation Software

This week the Mayor’s Assistant of my city’s municipality asked to me assist them in doing a “Twas The Night Before Christmas” animation as the Mayor reads the story for the Christmas Holidays.  I am completely unfamiliar with this story but took on the challenge anyway.  I thought about using Adobe & Apples products for the this task but I decided to go another route.  I am a big supporter of open source software and I came across this software called Synfig Studio.  I am by no means a cartoonist or animator by trade.  I will get the basics of this software within the next week.  I will be using Gimp to do all if any cut out to do a composite overlay with the Mayor.

The basis of the software is to allow you draw a vector base character and animate its vector splines Data along a timeline. You can also scan a graphic or texture into the computer and animate it.  To create some depth for the project, I will bring in static backgrounds in to Blender as 3D plane objects.  Then I will composite all the data assets in to Blender’s Node Compositor and finish the grading in Blender’s VSE (Video Sequence Editor).  I will have to match the lighting setup of the mayor to make it somewhat believable. I hope can put this off in 2.5 months.

I will be using my Sampltude ProX for for all post audio work.

Some SynFig Screen Shots




Sample of Blender’s 3D Space and Sample composite for a scratch concept.  I will keep you informed as progress is being made.





Reaper Audio Used For Post Audio

I have created this promo for a B2B magazine sometime back for a publishing company called Penton Media.  I wanted to share it with you.  I did all the 3D animation in Blender3D, edited it in Editshare’s Lightworks, scored the music in Propellerheads Reason, and completed the VO & sound design post work in Reaper Audio.

I often use Reaper DAW because some clients just want a quick WEBM file uploaded for instant distribution.  Reaper is the only DAW that I know of that has this format integrated.  See images below.


The photo below is just screen capture of the post audio work.


Below is the render video

Blender 3D Compositor Nodes

I just wanted to show more of the nodes that are in the nodes compositor of Blender.  There are many others in different categories. More and more are developed with each update.  There are material nodes, texture node and Cycles which is a nodes base rendering engine.  Yes, I am a node based compositing and texturing fanatic.  Every since I had the opportunity to work with Apple Shake some years ago I was like a dear in a headlight.

Distort & Translation Nodes


Color Processing Nodes


Matte Pulling Nodes