Natron Color Suppress node

Hello Natron VFX Artist,

I have some more information about the new Color Suppression node. This is the feature description “ColorSuppress: Remove a color/tint, or create a mask from that color.” The create a mask from the color is what caught my eye. I have never heard of that being possible or never noticed this implementation in other compositors.

So you know I had to experiment and to my surprise it opened up ideas and possibilities. Now allow me to clear up a few things. Natron has the Despiller node and the Color Suppress node and they both allow you to generate a mask from the Despill color and Suppressed color. The color suppressed node gives you more flexiblity over generating the mask based on the adding and subtracting of hues.

In the attached images, you will see how I use the Color Suppress node as an alternative Despiller function. Another image will so you the settings to generate a mask followed by a ColorLookup node to crush the blacks and expand the whites for the mask. The last image is showing how adjusting a few sliders, I was able to generate a skin tone mask from the green screen image. Which also you can use a ColorLookup node to make any adjustments on the mask.

The node has an output option that allows you to select 3 modes like Image, Alpha, Image and Alpha. You will be familiar with this by using the HSVTool node with the Output Alpha options. Except the HSVTool output alpha are based on the Hue, Saturation, Brightness and the combination of the three in the Min(Hue, Brightness) configuration. See attached images.


Please Enjoy and Create.


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