Synfig Studio Open Source Animation Software

This week the Mayor’s Assistant of my city’s municipality asked to me assist them in doing a “Twas The Night Before Christmas” animation as the Mayor reads the story for the Christmas Holidays.  I am completely unfamiliar with this story but took on the challenge anyway.  I thought about using Adobe & Apples products for the this task but I decided to go another route.  I am a big supporter of open source software and I came across this software called Synfig Studio.  I am by no means a cartoonist or animator by trade.  I will get the basics of this software within the next week.  I will be using Gimp to do all if any cut out to do a composite overlay with the Mayor.

The basis of the software is to allow you draw a vector base character and animate its vector splines Data along a timeline. You can also scan a graphic or texture into the computer and animate it.  To create some depth for the project, I will bring in static backgrounds in to Blender as 3D plane objects.  Then I will composite all the data assets in to Blender’s Node Compositor and finish the grading in Blender’s VSE (Video Sequence Editor).  I will have to match the lighting setup of the mayor to make it somewhat believable. I hope can put this off in 2.5 months.

I will be using my Sampltude ProX for for all post audio work.

Some SynFig Screen Shots




Sample of Blender’s 3D Space and Sample composite for a scratch concept.  I will keep you informed as progress is being made.






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