Open Source AppIications I Find Essential

Mypaint Software

Mypaint Software

Mypaint Software

Inkscape Software

Inkscape Vector Drawing

Inkscape Vector Drawing

Blender3D Software

Blender 3D

Blender 3D

Gimp Software


Gimp Photographic Software

Scribus Desktop Publishing

Scribus Desktop Publishing

Scribus Desktop Publishing


10 thoughts on “Open Source AppIications I Find Essential

  1. I am a big supporter of open source applications because it help me keep my overhead low and I can charge reasonable rates to my clients. I find that open source software developers develop from heart and not from marketing excel spreadsheets. Gimp is easentail to me because it is my Photoshop replacement and I can get really good plugins and scripts efx for free. Inkscape (Open Source Illustration) and Scribus (Open Source Page Layout Design) are the alternates to Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Indesign. MyPaint is good painting program for matte painting. I use it from time to time to augment photograghs.

    I hope this answers your question.

  2. They do, thanks. Do you use a digital sketch pad? Could you recommend one for me please? I do some work on Inkscape and Blender 3D when I have time. MyPaint sound interesting. Also what OS are you running? (Sorry for all the questions. I like talking about OpenSource graphic/design software.)

  3. I use the bamboo Wacom tablet but the pen broke. I recommend Wacom products if it’s in your budget. I have 3 OS systems going, Mac for music and film editing? PC for music and film editing and Linux for graphics, 3D, film editing on Editshare’s lightworks. Never stop asking me questions. I can only get better with my research. I like talking about open source as well.

  4. Before you buy any tablets for your graphic work, make sure that the touch screen has the same resolution and a dedicated Wacom pad.

    When you are graphic designing, precision is key. I don’t think any tablet can compare just yet out the box.

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